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Wireless and Telecom Course Contents

  • Wireless Fundamentals & Core network
  • Describe the generations & releases of communication system.
  • Describe the GSM, its advantages, services, spectrum, interfaces, channels etc.
  • Describe the WCDMA, its advantages, services, spectrum, interfaces, channels etc.
  • Describe the LTE, its advantages, services, spectrum, interfaces, channels etc
  • Describe basic architecture of network components.
  • Describe functionality of all network elements used in wireless communication.
  • Describe call flow, paging, authentication & handover processes.
  • Describe various multiple access technologies.
  • Describe processing procedure of WCDMA system.
  • Describe the LTE background & network architecture.
  • Describe the various H/W for wireless & their functioning.
  • GSM Core Network, GSM, BSS, NSS, OSS core and Architecture overview.
  • MSC (Mobile Switching Centre), HLR (Home Location Register), VLR (Visitor Location Register)
  • Connectivity and Interfaces, GSM Subscriber Services.
  • GSM Core Network Product, Product introduction, Structure, logical structure etc.
  • General Call Flows in Core Network.
  • Overview of GPRS/UMTS Network, SGSN, GGSN.
  • GPRS/UMTS Network Components.

Transmission Fundamentals

  • Telecom Industry (Infra, Networking and operator).
  • BTS and BSC (Installation, Commissioning operation and maintenance).
  • Microwave Linking along with signaling Hybridization/ Up-gradation.
  • Drive Test and RF Surveys along with EMF reports.
  • Knowledge of Tools and their implementation.
  • Optimization and OJT on live sites.
  • BTS Installation.
  • Site master functioning and VSWR measurements.
  • EMF surveys and report filing.
  • Microwave linking process along with feeder and RF cabling.