EMF Measurement & Survey

EMF exposure has become a topic of concern for many people and is an active area of biophysical research. Scientific studies in recent years have shown an apparent correlation between exposures to elevated magnetic field levels and the risk of adverse health effects.

The same is true for radio frequency radiation from broadcast and cell phone towers. Significant controversy now exists over the degree of risk posed by this exposure, and the exact mechanisms of interaction by which electromagnetic fields may influence biological processes. Our services address this environmental health concern by providing measurement surveys, field reduction modalities.

Radio frequency and cell site surveys involve the use of isotropic broadband survey instruments, in compliance with established measurement protocols. This is supplemented with high sensitivity, directional equipment for source identification and extremely low level readings. Each EMF survey includes a full identification of the source or sources of elevated magnetic fields, radio frequency field.

Why Survey Needed?

A Wireless Site Survey is recommended when implementing a wireless network. For larger wireless network deployments, a site survey is a must have item. For smaller wireless deployments, a site survey is good to have but sometimes the cost of the site survey becomes an issue. When deploying a wireless network, we are looking for the optimal wireless coverage and performance with the minimal use of equipment. This saves on time, man power and equipment cost.

To get optimal wireless coverage and performance, we need to understand the Radio Frequency (RF) behavior of our wireless network deployment site. A wireless site survey will provide this information by revealing places of signal interferences, places where signals are weaker and areas of no signals (dead zones). A wireless survey also helps to avoid interference due to existing radio sources and interferences cause by physical structures such columns, beams, walls, and metal objects. In fact anything can affect the radio signal profile of a site including furniture and people. It is important to remember that the objective of a wireless site survey is to determine the feasibility of deploying a wireless network to meet your needs and to determine how to deploy a wireless network within the constraints of your site.